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create your own residential or commercial strata website

Transfer to Living

How difficult is it to migrate to Living? ( top )

  1. If you have a simple site without a booking system... migration can be as simple as creating a site with one of our templates, and just copy/pasting your text from the original site. You can also upload photos from the original site to replace the template ones.
  2. If you would like to migrate your existing users across, just ensure you have a text file with a list of all their email addresses: you can upload the list to instantly re-create user accounts (they will need to reset their passwords to log in).
  3. If your original site has a booking system, you'll need both a user's email address and their unit/apartment number. Uploading the list will create both the user and their unit, and link the two together.

Migration Requirements ( top )

Here are the "do it yourself" steps that we recommend to migrate to LIVING:


  1. Inform your users! Send out a broadcast email or put a notice on your existing site to let them know the anticipated migration date. If your site has forums, let the users know that forum posts will not be migrated and that they should copy and save anything from the forums if they wish to preserve it.
    1. If you are able to export a list of all their email addresses, you can let them know that they won't need to re-create their account, they will just need to create a new password for it.
    2. If you aren't able to export a list of all email addresses, let them know that they they will need to re-register on the new site.

  2. Create a new home page for your site on LIVING using your preferred template.
  3. Copy/paste your original text into our template pages... or create your own pages.
  4. Save any pictures/backgrounds from the original site and upload them into Living. You can replace existing background images and photos with them.
  5. If you have a list of user email addresses,
  6. If you have email addresses with your existing provider, fully back up the mail to local folders/PST/archives... you don't want anything on the server.
  7. If your original site has forums, be aware any existing information needs to be re-created as new posts on the LIVING platform. Due to this, it's usually a simpler idea to start from scratch.


Now that your site is fully operational, it's time to migrate your DNS settings.

  1. Go to Account Settings and choose Settings for your site. Follow the instructions shown in the How to change your DNS section.

Migration Services ( top )

Living can perform some or all of the steps above. See our Pricing page for migration costs.