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create your own residential or commercial strata website
create your own residential or commercial strata website


1. Plans ( top )

Create your free account now: simply register and choose account from the login menu. Every site you create automatically comes with a 7 day free trial

Setup cost$0$0$0$0
Monthly cost$0$10$20$50 + $0.2c/unit over 1000
Units/Sites/up to 50up to 100up to 500up to 1000+
File storage100Mb1Gb2Gb5Gb
File uploads max size250Kb5Mb10Mb20Mb
Monthly Data Transfer1Gb2Gb5Gb10Gb
Discussion forums3 forums10 forumsUnlimitedUnlimited
Content publishingYesYesYesYes
News broadcast via email~~YesYes
Facilities booking systemYes~YesYes
Property ListingsYes~YesYes
Service Desk & RequestsYes~~Yes

1You can use your own private domain, or default to https://www.living.io/~yoursite/
2All prices are in US dollar.

2. Email ( top )

If you already have a domain name, you can add email addresses to your site that support IMAPS email clients, or direct access via web mail.


  • Low-cost monthly fee. However, please note that no backup or recovery of emails is offered: users must backup/archive their email to their own local device or external device.
  • Basic Service Level Agreements.
  • Only available for sites subscribed to the Advanced or Professional plans
  • Maximum of 10 email addresses per site.

Monthly cost$2.50
Inbox size1Gb
Max attachment size20Mb
Email send limit per day200
Max recipients per email20

2.1. Forwarders

Also known as distribution lists, a forwarder allows an email address to distribute an email to several different email addresses rather than store the email.
  • For example, managers@mydomain.com could be a forwarder, and when an email is sent to managers@mydomain.com, you might configure it to send the email to multiple email addresses instead, such as john@mydomain.com, jill@mydomain.com, jack@gmail.com or whatever number of email addresses you want.

Forwarder are $1.50/month.

3. Transfers ( top )

If you need assistance transferring your existing site to Living, we can provide as much support as you require:

Transfer a single page
A single page is defined as a static webpage that includes a combination of text and images.
15 minutes
Transfer your home page
We will copy your existing site homepage over to your Living site using similar or same color scheme. Background images, text and photos will be copied across. This will give a strong indication of what your existing site would look like if it was transferred to Living.
1 hour
Set up your DNS
We can either log into your DNS provider account or use Teamviewer to remote control your browser after you log in.
30 minutes
Transfers everything
For peace of mind, we will transfer everything and provide unlimited support until your site is transferred to us. This includes pages, users, units/apartments as well as any necessary DNS changes. If you provide a list of email addresses (and optionally, associated unit/apartment) numbers we will also import them. This also includes setting up of the booking system based on original site set up.
5 hours

4. Security (HTTPS) ( top )

By default your website will use HTTP, not HTTPS. HTTPS is a secure form of web browsing (often identified as a green padlock in your browser bar). HTTPS sites encrypted everything between the client browser and the web server, giving users extra assurance that they are really connecting to your site rather than a fake one.

Use your existing SSL certificateFree setup$3/month
Purchase a SSL Certificate1 hour$3/month

See SSL Certificate Service for more details.

5. Domain Registration and/or Setup ( top )

Register a new domain1 hour + the cost of your desired domain

All-inclusive service includes:
  • Registration of desired name, with Namecheap.com (or your preferred Registrar)
  • DNS Configuration for both web site and mail to use the LIVING service.
  • All settings on your LIVING account to support the domain name(s), or to add an additional domain name.

See Domain Registration Service for more details.

6. Support ( top )

6.1. Self-service

The most common support requests and their answers can be found in our Documentation section. If you are looking for quick answers you may well find what you are looking for here.

6.2. Standard

If you can't find the answer to your problem in our Documentation section, then navigate to our Support New window page.

This is a free of charge service and let's you open a support request in our online port. We prioritize our Professional plan customers first, then Advanced customers.

6.3. Enhanced

To provide a level of support assurance and to avoid pay-as-you-go support, we also offer month and yearly support agreements. Please contact us directly to discuss your individual requirements.

7. Design Service ( top )

In the event that more complex service/support is needed, e.g detailed customization, stylesheet assistance, Javascript coding, CSS animations or complex image manipulating... LIVING offers pay-as-you-go support through our Design page.

Based on the request, our agents will provide a time and cost estimate to resolve your service request. We offer by-the-minute quotes at reasonable market rates.... so a simple fix could cost less than a dollar whilst a detailed stylesheet overhaul might take several hours and feedback rounds to get right.

8. Hourly Rates ( top )

For all services with a time component our hourly rate is US$40.00 per hour.

You can elect to use a third-party service to perform all services except for Security (HTTPS) as this requires server-side changes that can only be done by the Living support team.