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create your own residential or commercial strata website
create your own residential or commercial strata website

Frequently Asked Questions

Competitive Offering ( top )

What makes LIVING better than other building/property management offerings

If you had to boil our service down to 5 key differentiators they would be:
  • Fully featured. We aren't aware of any competitors that offer self-service email, booking system, multiple service desks, community forums, polls and surveys, property listings... all with a single login.
  • Future-proof. Once you create your site, LIVING will ensure that the content is always stylized and presented professionally. Even if new screen sizes and devices come out in the future your content will be adapted for it. And you can change your site style, colors, and background pictures with just a few clicks.
  • Multi-language support. Currently in development, LIVING will allow your users/customers to choose their preferred language... and allow you to create different language versions of any page.
  • Cost-effective. No setup fees. No quotes. No hidden costs or expensive service or customization charges. Very low monthly charges. The LIVING platform is designed to keep costs as low as possible by automating everything and empowering you to make your own changes and improvements.
  • Customer-centric. Our guiding principle is to make everything about the LIVING service as customer-centric and friendly as possible.
    • We have cloud-based servers in Europe, US, Asia and Australia... to ensure your website loads quickly.
    • We ensure every page appears professional and with full usability... so it works on PCs, tablets and smartphones.
    • We keep styles and themes updated... so your site appears aesthetically designed now and in the future.
    • We ensure that every action is as simple as possible... so even non-computer savvy users can (usually!) figure out how to do things.

How does this differ from Wix or Wordpress offerings?

Wix and Wordpress are both excellent platforms for pushing content to customers.

However, successful business strategy is not simply about pushing content: it needs to consider managing that content through appropriate controls, the use of email addresses for alternate forms of communications, the ability to upload or download files as well as providing a two-way dialogue with and between staff and customers (see Features for all LIVING unique capabilities).

Most significantly, this cannot be a collection of different web sites and plug-in modules, each with different log-in credentials and/or color schemes.

LIVING is all-inclusive, complete content management system... and compliments Wix and Wordpress by providing a business back-end to cosmetic front-end web sites.

Cost ( top )

What is the cancellation policy?

You can pay month-by-month and cancel whenever you wish. We guarantee to keep expired sites for at least 6 months in case you change your mind. See our Terms of Use New window for full details.

What is the refund policy?

We will refund 90% of unused subscription time upon request, no questions asked. This include multi-month and yearly subscriptions (less discounts). See our Terms of Use for full details.

Customization ( top )

Can I change the layout of a site as I choose?

LIVING provides ways to introduces your own layouts, specifically by allowing you to inject HTML and scripts directly into your site.

That said, part of the benefit of LIVING is it's ability to work seamlessly on desktops, tablets and smartphones (known as responsive web design).

Therefore we allow, but discourage, extensive customization in order to ensure your site is kept future-proof.

Can I use Javascript or import my own CSS stylesheets?

Yes, you can inject Javascript... and modify the LIVING stylesheets. In respect to stylesheets, LIVING comes with it's own pre-defined styles: you can adjust any particular class with your own settings just be sure to test them before going live.

We also recommend changing just colors and decorations, since we routinely update the master layout stylesheet to adapt to changing device requirements (for example, when a new tablet is released with a different screen size or aspect ratio we may need to tweak dimension settings and if your customization overrides it you won't get the benefit of the changes).

Security ( top )

What is my exposure if the site is hacked?

  • In terms of data leakage, all information stored explicitly by Living.io uses U.S. government approved AES-256 encryption or SHA-256 hash standards.
  • In terms of data loss, all site data is backed up weekly at a separate location, which can be restored within an hour.
  • For confidential data stored by customers within the site, we provide the ability to individually encrypt individual pages with AES256 encryption.

Support ( top )

What support is provided?

  • For the service itself (the Living.io application and underlying infrastructure), it is monitored 24 x 7 with service level agreements.
  • For end-user/customer support of individual sites, including configuration and style settings, we offer 2 options:
    • Self-service using our Support portal.
    • Pay-as-you-go incident support, based on pre-purchased support tokens. Please contact us to discuss.